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If you are passing through breakup problem, if you are in too pressure because of your breakup, if you want to stop breakup in any way then don’t worry you are at right place. In this article you will find the reasons and remedies of breakup through ;powerful astrology solution by best astrologer and vashikaran expert.

Many types of cases comes in my mail box daily with different reasons and sometimes uncleared reason. But in most of the cases what I have found that break up took place because of following reasons

  • Mangal dosha is one of the main reason of break up
  • Relation between unmatched kundli is another important reason of break up
  • Some times it is also seen that due to the impact of any malefic effects sourness arises in relationship which in long run ;if not handles carefully ends with break up
  • Some times in spite of good match making problem found in relationship in those kundlies i have found the Nadi dosha
  • Abnormal behavior by partner is another important reason and on diagnosis it is found that the partner is affected by evil eye effects or black magic.
  • Due to grahan on the marriage place also this type of problem arises  how to stop a breakup with girlfriendhow to stop a breakup before it happenson the verge of breaking up quoteson the verge of breaking up what to dopowerful mantra to avoid divorcemantra to stop divorce or separationpisces break upvirgo woman after a breakup
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  • So there are several reasons which are detected during analysis of horoscope or kundli. There are different types of remedies in different cases. so it is not good to apply any remedies just by reading it in a blog or book.


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