Are you looking to stop separation and divorce cases through Vedic Astrology? Here you will get best Vedic Astrology remedies which will help you to stop separations and also to improve your divorce case. Astrologer Rishi Sharma , the well- known astrologer will also help you to rebuild the broken trust. Here you will get best mantras and remedies to reconnect you’re your spouse.

How to stop separation and divorce?

All couples have misunderstandings in their life that lead to arguments and fights. Normally, many couples resolve these issues and misunderstandings and sometimes their family help them to solve the issue or to clear the misunderstandings. But sometimes these issues get out of control and end up with divorce and separation.

As per the principles of astrology, misunderstanding and problems between married couples accelerate when these heavenly planets become weak or the planets of discord become tough and strong. These planets that are associated with the relationships are Kaytu, Raahu, Mars, Venus and Saturn. When any or some of the planets become tough in the 7th house of horoscope you will surely experience such issues and negative effects in relationship.

Astrologer can never change the position of these planets neither they can change the measure of planets. Pandit Sanjeev dR.NAMAN help his clients by telling various remedies that can minimize the effects of these adverse planetary positions.


Marital Conflicts arise when the planet responsible for good marriage get weakened and their strength for the planet that could be harmful to the marriage. If such a situation occurs, begins to fade trust, between man and woman. Pair can easily angered and frustrated receive from each other. You can begin to ask each other’s role in their married life in question. This kind of situation, when it is displayed, affect the entire course your love life that can affect as well as your professional life. The couple should try to understand the reasons for the failure of the marriage. There are many astrological remedies that can stop the separation of husband and wife. Astrology provides mantra that helps to stop divorces.

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  • Pt. Ji will provide you certain guidelines and instructions that have to be followed while reciting this mantra to stop divorce in order to get best results. He has been contributing in this field of astrology from past many years and has gained immense popularity among the people because of his great work.


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